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Collaborative Design for Sustainability

Sustainable Development is one of the most pressing concerns of the 21st Century. Existing socio-economic development trends need rethinking and realignment in a sustainable direction. Most disciplines and fields of study have absorbed this philosophy and are contributing in their ways. However, such disciplinary approaches are proving to be insufficient and a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach is needed. Collaborative Design for Sustainability, CoDeS is one such initiative from the Department of Design. It is a student-led society that intends to bring together students from different departments and collaborate on developing sustainable solutions.

One of the values of Shiv Nadar University is environmental consciousness, sustainability, and prudent management of natural resources as central tenets of the construction and operation of the university. In line with this value, one of the objectives of this society is to create a sustainable campus that inspires its residents to be aware of and sensitive to environmental challenges. Shiv Nadar University being fully residential has the potential of being treated as a closed environment where sustainability solutions can be implemented and tested. The society sets the following objectives for the academic year 2021-2022.

  1. Spreading awareness and sensitizing campus’ residents to create a sense of responsibility towards sustainable living. It can be done through initiatives like ‘plant a memory’, ‘grow your food’.
  2. Collaborate on identifying sustainability issues and develop solutions (product-service-system) for the University campus.
  3. Release a biannual e-magazine reporting on initiates and solutions developed.  

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