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Master's Program in Design

vikash kumar prakash
Product Design Studio
The Department offers a two-year full-time research intensive Master of Design (M. Des.) program. It intends to provide students with holistic as well as in-depth knowledge of their specific areas of interest. The program is designed to enable them develop design thinking skills, and knowledge along with an attitude of applying it in real-world settings.

The first year of the program consists of eight core courses, one elective course, and a semester long project work. The second year of the program consists of four elective courses, and a year-long Master’s Thesis Project. Students have the flexibility of pursuing their desired specialization/areas of interest by charting their Elective Courses and taking Thesis Project in their area of interest. The program facilitates exchange programs; and a transfer of up to 16 credits is permissible with accredited institutions in India and abroad.