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M.Des. (Master of Design)

Program Structure

M. Des. program is structured into 8 core courses, 5 elective courses, one semester-long design project, an 8-week long summer internship, and a year-long Master’s Thesis Project. In the first year, a student gets a holistic overview of design, focused on developing basic skills, and knowledge essential for designing. It includes a semester-long design project in the 2nd semester and a mandatory 8-week long summer internship. Semester project gives students the opportunity of applying learnt knowledge, and skills on a practical problem and summer internship expose them to the practice of design in the industry. In the second year, a student chooses to be a specialist or a generalist based on the selection of electives from the same or different specialisations. It includes a year-long design research project intended to develop research capabilities and enables students in conducting design research either independently or within multi-disciplinary groups. Apart from mentioned specializations, a host of elective courses are also available in generic areas of design like Design Management, Universal Design, Design Research etc. Generally, courses are structured into modules, offering the flexibility of being taught by more than one faculty member. Hands-on exercises, studio-based activities, case study, seminars, etc. are built into most of the courses to facilitate experiential and practice-based learning.
Semester 1
Introduction to Creative Design 3
Elements and Principles of Design 4
Creative Design - Morphology and Methods 4
Human Factors Engineering 4
Electronics and Software for Designers 2
Semester 2
Art and Craft Culture of India 3
Design Semantics and Communication Theory 4
Semester Research Project 4
Technical Writing and Creative Communication 2
Elective 1 4
Semester 3
Elective 2 4
Elective 3 4
Elective 4 4
Master's Thesis Project 1 4
Semester 4
Elective 5 4
Master's Thesis Project 2 8