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Areas of Research

The Department envisions Design Research to play a crucial role in future of Design Practice and designers equipped with the ability to conduct research are going to be in high demand. Recognizing this opportunity, the Department aspires to become a center of excellence in Design Research.

Grounded in the philosophy of Liberal Education, the Department is open to research in new and emerging areas of Design. Apart from our research-centric Master of Design (M.Des.), we are committed to start PhD Programs. Currently the department is focused on developing research capabilities in the following areas.

  • Low cost Innovations for Social Entrepreneurship - With a significant economically backward population and industry, India needs low cost innovation propagating through Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Design for Sustainable Development - Climate change and depleting resources presents a new role for design in innovating Sustainable product-service-system.
  • New Media Applications - With advent of new technologies in the field of information communication and its large spread impact, new media is a promising area of research from design perspective.
  • Design for Special needs - With a large population with different disabilities and aging people, there seems to be huge scope for innovative interventions for special needs.