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3D Modelling and Fabrication Studio

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A product idea at conception, or sketched on a piece of paper, or digitally modelled in software is incomplete unless it is realised as a tangible entity. Product Modelling and Fabrication Studio facilitates this transition from an idea to a physical model or a prototype. This transition being an important step in the design process also provides an opportunity for novice designers in acquiring fabrication skills and experience the fun of learning by doing.

The studio is equipped with tools and machines that are used for making scaled models and prototype products using a variety of materials like metals, wood, clay, polymers etc. The studio is also equipped with iMacs and 3D Modelling software (like Rhino) for digital modelling of the products. The studio is maintained and managed by 2 lab technicians who are trained and experienced in operating the tools and equipment.


B-Block, Ground Floor (Room No B003)

Dr. Prakash Kumar