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Non-Latin Typeface Anatomy and Legibility Research

Typeface anatomy is the study of the structure of letters, its nomenclature of the letter parts and the relation between them. The knowledge of anatomy is essential to understand and recognise a letter in isolation or in a group as a word. It leads to the Legibility issues of letters which is crucial during reading. A reader decodes the information of the letter or word for carrying out the reading task comfortably and efficiently.

The current research aims to develop the anatomy of Indian letterforms. Presently we are looking into a new method for anatomical knowledge construction for Indian typefaces. The proposed method used is a combination of semiotic methods of form analysis. The structure of letters is investigated by using Syntactic analysis. Later, using syntagmatic and paradigmatic analysis methods, we establish the letterform anatomy. The anatomy further can be used in OCR systems for identification of letters. The study, in the end, will offer a 'guideline' to define typeface anatomy based on the systematic investigation. The anatomy will also provide a list of a common vocabulary of anatomical nomenclature to the type designers. Further, the research goal is to identify and establish the legibility factors and guideline to achieve legibility for Indic typefaces based on letterform anatomy.


Assistant Professor