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Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Design invites application for Design Minor every Monsoon Semester. In case the numbers of applicants are more than 20, shortlisting is done through the Design Aptitude Test (DAT), conducted in the first week of the Monsoon Semester. Based on the performance, a merit list is prepared, and communicated to selected students for their final consent. Once the consent is received (after reviewing time table clashes), students are admitted into the program by informing the UG Dean's Office and Registrar's Office. 

DAT assesses a student’s drawing and visualization skills, observational skills, creativity, logic, and general awareness. You should bring the following items for the test: 

  • Pencils (2B/4B/6B) 
  • Eraser and Sharpener 
  • A set of colour pencils

Please note that the use of scale or any other supporting instruments (set-squares, French Curve etc.) is not allowed.

The program is expected to nurture your design thinking, and creative problem solving skills. It offers a unique opportunity of working in multi-disciplinary groups which will help in breaking disciplinary boundaries. You will find this program helpful in academic as well as in your professional life.

If you have opted for design minor as one of your minor preferences, then you will receive a mail from the department mentioning the date, time, and venue of the exam.

You will be confirmed only when someone from the selected list drops the minor program before the last date of course registration. 

Yes, you can take some design minor courses as UWE provided seats are available.

Yes, design minor courses can be audited subject to approval of the course instructor.

The design minor program is open for all the undergraduate students of SNU who have successfully completed their first 2 semesters in their degree program. Students who have completed 3 semesters or more are not eligible for the program but may take design courses as UWE, provided seats are available.

Department of Design invites application for Design Minor every Monsoon Semester. You can apply for Design Minor at the end of 2nd Semester by choosing Design as one of your minor preferences.