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Major in Design

Globally, Design as a field of study has evolved as an independent discipline, both in practice and academics. There is a growing demand for Design undergraduates in India and abroad so much so that in recent years it has become one of the most sought career paths. The Department of Design undertook a year-long extensive and intensive consultation process to understand the changing landscape of Design in the 21st Century. It involved several prominent Indian and global Design experts; visionaries both from academia and industry. The Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) program at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence (IoE) assimilates all the wisdom and insights gained from the process.

Following are the key highlights of the program that makes it stand out:

  • Focus on Human-Centered Design (HCD): Human-Centered approach to Design elucidates that the program is focused on designing for people and society. This allows designers to co-create better solutions by considering people’s needs not as individuals but as societies with complex, systemic problems.
  • Future-Oriented Curriculum: Designers in the 21st Century are entrusted with increasingly complex and impactful challenges. These challenges not only require future-oriented courses (like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual, and Augmented Reality, etc.) but also a set of future core competencies.
  • Integration of 3-D EXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes: Shiv Nadar IoE is home to an advanced and futuristic software platform from Dassault System that is integrated into design courses and projects of the B. Des. program.
  • Choice-based Streaming and Specialisation Options: The program gives students the flexibility to pursue their desired streams (for B. Des. Degree), and specialisations (for Integrated B.Des. – M. Des. Degree) by selecting from a range of elective courses.
  • Vibrant and Multidisciplinary Ecosystem: Design programs relevant to the 21st century must be centred on human well-being, and on holistic quality of life issues which must draw on the entire range of human knowledge and wisdom. The vibrant and multidisciplinary ecosystem of Common Core Curriculum (CCC), and University Wide Electives (UWE) courses links students with sciences, arts, management, and technologies available on its campus, and through SNU networks.

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