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Minor in Design

Design Minor Program started in Monsoon 2014 semester intends to acquaint undergraduates of SNU with the fundamentals of design, and designing. In this program, students get a unique opportunity of working in multi-disciplinary groups and explore problem-solving through practice-based learning. 

In the background of a rapidly changing global economy, design is expected to provide students with a much broader perspective of 21st Century problems and professional exposure. Currently, few Indian Universities offers such an opportunity to the undergraduates. It is expected to give them an edge over other undergraduates, making them adept for a wide range of placements. After the completion of the Design Minor program, one can expect the following learning outcomes: 

  • Exposure to Design as a field of study: Student gets an overview of Design as a field of study and acquires sufficient knowledge, and skills to compete in design related competitive exams (if they wish to pursue it further). 
  • Trans-disciplinary: Students get exposed to working in multi-disciplinary groups and learn creative problem-solving. It makes them capable of transforming disciplinary boundaries, enabling them to see the bigger picture. 
  • Design Thinking Approach: Students acquire Design Thinking skills enabling them to apply it either in their own discipline or professional life.

Key Information

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)
Dr Vikash Kumar
Time to Start 
Third Semester
No. of Credits
Minor Eligibilty 

The design minor program is open for all the undergraduate students of SNU who have successfully completed their first 2 semesters in their degree program. Students who have completed 3 semesters or more are not eligible for the program but may take design courses as UWE, provided seats are available. 

Department of Design invites application for Design Minor every Monsoon Semester and admits 25 students per batch. In case the numbers of applicants are more than 25, shortlisting is done through the Design Aptitude Test (DAT), conducted in the first week of every Monsoon Semester. The test assesses a student’s drawing and visualization skills, observational skills, creativity, logic, and general awareness.  

Currently, the program covers two broad domains of design, Visual Communication Design (manifested through 2-dimensional products), and Product Design/Industrial Design (manifested through 3-dimensional products). To be a Minor in Design, a student admitted to the program should successfully complete a set of 5 courses (20 credits) in the recommended sequence.